Alanya - Turkey

Kestel Mah. Sahil Caddesi

Amman - Jordan

Durat Dabouq Complex

+962 7777 05511

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Service Provided in Jordan

  • Provide a comprehensive orientation about life in Turkey and the beautiful city of Alanya.
  • Share with client the full details of our current projects in Alayna.
  • Giving full details about available properties for sale in Alayna based on client requirements.
  • Provide a complete overview of the property buying process.
  • Brief client with details on issuing residency permits and Turkish passports.
  • If you wish to visit Alayna. We will arrange for your tickets and hotel stay.
  • Arrange with our Turkey office all the needed for hosting you in Alanya.
  • Payments and contracts can be processed through Kiwi Jordan Office.
  • Provide Investment related consultancy and advice.

Service Provided in Alanya (Turkey)

  • Airport Pick up upon arrival to turkey including daily transport from and to accommodation.
  • Our representatives will accompany clients for as long as needed to show all available properties for sale.
  • Free of charge Touristic visits around the city of Alanya.
  • Discuss all details related to the buying procedures and legal formalities.
  • Assist with all papers needed for purchase of property and issuing of Tabu.
  • Opening bank account and tax number.
  • Assist in preparing all the necessary for issuing residency upon buying property.
  • Translation, legalisation of all needed documents.
  • Assist client with furnishing their new property.
  • School and University admissions.
  • Issuing both medical and property insurance.
  • Inspecting property to ensure that it is in perfect condition all year long.
  • Issuing electricity and water meters and all similar requirements including internet …etc.
  • On-going property maintenance.
  • Reselling property to ensure highest return on investment.

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